Can AI and Chatbots really transform customer support?

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Chatbots are changing the way companies and customers interact: two billion-plus customer-company conversations in Facebook messenger can’t be wrong. Join this FB Live event to find out how to create engaging human-to-AI agent experiences, and leave with actionable ideas on implementing AI-powered customer support.

Here’s a wild, off-the-cuff guess: You might have heard that AI is ride-or-die for companies that want to stay competitive (possibly also somewhere on this very site). You might have also have heard that it’s expensive, complicated, too difficult to implement or too hard to control.

But for consumers, there’s a growing interest in chat interactions with companies — look at both the two billion conversations companies conduct with their customers over Facebook Messenger every month; look at the study that found 49 percent of customers would prefer to interact with companies via automated methods than any other medium. And companies like Marriot, Sephora, Coca-Cola and 1–800 Flowers are starting to see returns.

Credit the growing sophistication of AI-powered tools and machine-learning bells and whistles that support an engaging, civilized chatbot-customer interaction. Add to this the number of popular consumer platforms that support business chatbots, from Facebook Messenger again to WhatsApp, WeChat, Slack, and more. But building your own sophisticated in-house solution is also easier than ever.

With chatbots, you can answer basic customer queries in minutes ( reports that most issues are handled in five minutes or less, via their chat agents). Just think about the 80/20 rule which often applies in customer service: the same questions are asked 80 percent of the time. Integrating chat into this equation can bring not just significant ROI, it also means your human customer service agents are engaged in handling the more important, business-critical issues that arise (and happier doing more complex, meaningful work, too.).

Chatbots never sleep, so someone with insomnia and a pressing question, or global customers across a spectrum of time zones, will always be able to contact your company and get their basic queries and requests handled.

And chatbots armed with AI-enabled personality can even help uphold your company image.

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